The 9FGV0241 is a 2-output very low power frequency generator for PCIe Gen1–4 applications with integrated output terminations providing Zo=100 Ω. The device has 2 output enables for clock management and supports 2 different spread spectrum levels in addition to spread off.


  • PCIe Gen1–4 compliant
  • Integrated terminations provide 100 Ω differential Zo: reduced component count and board space
  • 1.8 V operation: reduced power consumption
  • OE# pins: support DIF power management
  • LP-HCSL differential clock outputs: reduced power and board space
  • Programmable slew rate for each output: allows tuning for various line lengths
  • Programmable output amplitude: allows tuning for various application environments
  • DIF outputs blocked until PLL is locked: clean system start-up
  • Selectable 0%, -0.25% or -0.5% spread on DIF outputs: reduces EMI
  • External 25 MHz crystal; supports tight ppm with 0 ppm synthesis error
  • Configuration can be accomplished with strapping pins: SMBus interface not required for device control
  • 3.3 V tolerant SMBus interface works with legacy controllers
  • Space-saving 4x4 mm 24-pin VFQFPN; minimal board space



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