A “Virtual Turnkey Platform” application software development environment

The virtual turnkey platform is a software development kit (R-Car SDK) with pretested software libraries and sample code on the virtual development environment R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF). The R-Car VPF is based on Synopsys' Virtualizer Development Kits (VDK) and is customized for R-Car by adding virtual models of the R-Car-specific intellectual property (IP). This, along with the R-Car SDK, enables immediate virtual development of application software. Since this platform reproduces the actual chip with a high degree of accuracy, users don't need to set up a development environment using an actual board, and multiple users can develop software simultaneously on their own PCs or servers.



Virtual Platform

A virtual development environment to accelerate in-vehicle software development

Virtual Development Environment for R-Car The R-Car Virtual Platform is a highly accurate simulation environment that enables software development to take place even before an actual chip is available to support shift-left software development and system verification.

  • Implementing a CPU model so that software can be executed on that CPU.
  • It can have R/W access to memory space such as DRAM.
  • Address map and arithmetic precision that are perfectly matched to the corresponding devices enable a highly accurate simulation.

The R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF) is available from our partners. Please contact the following partners for purchase information.

Contact Synopsys (Contact)


Software Development Kit for R-Car

The new R-Car SDK (Software Development Kit) is an easy-to-use development framework that accelerates software development for the central gateway's network and network security controls.

  • Reshaping software development for in-vehicle applications
  • e² studio for R-Car integrated software development environment
  • The R-Car SDK is easy to start with, easy to obtain, easy to use, and easy to develop

The R-Car SDK for the virtual turnkey platform can be downloaded from the R-Car Market Place.

*Apply here (it may take up to 5 business days for approval)
*Click here for more information on the R-Car Market Place.

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