This solution provides a complete development environment with hardware and software for automotive gateway applications to support the new E/E architecture.


  • Reduces the board size and BoM costs through MCU core integration into R-Car SoC, and use a single board to control both MCU domain and application SoC domain, which previously required separately.
  • The reference board consists of a CPU board with core SoC, power management IC (PMIC) and memory, and an interface board, enabling support for a variety of networks.
  • Supports 16 channels of CAN FD (can be used as 16 channels of LIN and 8 channels of SENT by multi-function), 2 channels of FlexRay, 2 channels of PCIe V4.0 x2 lanes, and 3 channels of 5G-USXGMII for Ethernet.
  • The core system is realized by installing the R-Car S4, LPDDR4x-3200 memory and HyperFlash™ memory on the CPU board, which contributes to shortening the time to market by simplifying the design.
  • The combination of pre-regulators and PMICs developed for R-Car S4 can provide various supply voltages to meet functional safety requirements up to ASIL D in accordance with ISO 26262.



  • Gateway and domain control


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