Renesas offers sensor products for light and position sensing as well as sensor signal conditioning (SSC) for automotive applications.

Renesas' automotive optoelectronics product portfolio includes light-to-analog (voltage) sensors and light-to-digital sensors that are ideal for automotive ambient light sensing, backlight and lighting control, and anti-glare mirror systems. Our automotive-grade inductive position sensor ICs can be used in different high-speed motor control applications. We also have best-in-class automotive sensor signal conditioning (SSC) ICs that are optimized to withstand harsh automotive environments that require low supply current.


Automotive Ambient Light Sensors

Light-to-analog and light-to-digital sensors ideal for automotive displays

Automotive Position Sensors

Inductive position sensor ICs used for high-speed absolute position sensing

Automotive Radar Sensors

mmWave automotive radar transceivers ideal for ADAS applications

Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioners (SSC / AFE)

Sensor signal conditioner optimized for harsh automotive environments


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Inductive Position Sensing with IPS2550

The IPS2550 is an AEC-Q100 Grade 0 automotive-qualified, inductive position sensor IC can be used for high-speed motor commutation up to 600krpm electrical in the most challenging automotive functional safety-critical applications.