Using wafer processing with the latest trench technology and packaging with multi-wire/clip bonding technology, we offer a lineup of products suitable for automotive specifications with low resistance and high-speed switching characteristics.

As environmental regulations and energy policies regarding fuel efficiency and exhaust gas progress around the world, electric vehicles (HEV/EV) continue to spread as they improve their ``environmental and energy-saving'' and ``safety and convenience.'' With the spread of these next-generation vehicles, demand for high performance, high efficiency, and high functionality power devices is increasing. In order to meet these needs, Renesas has provided products that achieve high quality and reliability through design, development, and process management for automotive applications. We are currently developing new processes and products in order to bring products with even higher performance, reliability, and functionality to the market.

Automotive low voltage power MOSFET process trends

Low ON-resistance is the most important characteristic for power MOSFETs used in automotive electronics to control high-current drive in high-temperature environments. In recent years, switching characteristics have also become more important in view of the expansion of PWM and power supply applications. Based on these technological trends, we are developing high-performance processes that combine ultra-low on-resistance and low gate capacitance. In addition, we apply robust design that incorporates know-how accumulated over many years so that our products can be used with confidence due to their high durability and high reliability. We have developed the ANM series (80-100V products) for 48V systems used in electric vehicles (HEV) and the ANL series (40V products) for 12V systems.

車載用低耐圧パワー MOSFET プロセストレンド

Automotive power device package development

Automotive electrical applications require a wide range of package variations, from high-current EPS to medium-current engine control. To satisfy these various requirements, we are developing high-performance power devices with low ON-resistance and small mounting area by applying multi-wire bonding or clip connection technologies.


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