µPC277GR-9LG, µPC277MP-KAA, µPC393GR-9LG are dual comparators designed to operate under single power supply. Features include low-voltage operation, common-mode input voltage range from V− (GND) level, open collector output, and low current consumption. Furthermore, these products can operate on a split power supply and used widely for various voltage comparison application. Depending on the usage and operating ambient temperature range, the µPC277GR-9LG, µPC277MP-KAA are designed for extended temperature and suited for wide operating ambient temperature application, while µPC393GR-9LG are designed for general purposes application. In addition, compatible DC parameter selection for the comparators also available. Along with this series of lineup, the quad type comparators, µPC177GR-9LG and µPC339GR-9LG with the same circuit configuration are also available.


  • Input Offset Voltage: ±2 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Bias Current: 17 nA (TYP.)
  • Voltage Gain: 200000 (TYP.)
  • Pulse Response Time: 1.8 µs (TYP.)
  • Output Sink Current: 16 mA (TYP.)
  • A wired OR is possible as the output is an open collector.
  • Low Voltage Operation: V + - V - : +2 ~ +32 V
  • Small Package (The mounting area is reduced by 40% or 66% compared to conventional 8-pin plastic SOP, as shown in the table below)




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