SGAS711 Packaging Info


Title Information
Product Number: SGAS711
Pkg. Description: TO 9.53x14.88 mm
Pkg. Code: IDTDUMMY00-A
Lead Count: 4
Length: 0 mm
Width: 9.53 mm
Thickness: 14.88 mm
Moisture Sensitivity Bake: 0
Moisture Exposure Floor Life: NA
Category: G
Pb (Lead) Free: Yes
Title Information
Carrier Type: Tray
Qty. per Carrier: 72
Pkg. Type: TO
Qty. per Reel: 0
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL): 1
Pkg. Class: PLASTIC
Re-bake Conditions: NA
Peak Reflow Temp: 0
Pb Free Category: e3 Sn

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