Petro Zeykan
Petro Zeykan
Senior Applications & Characterization Engineering Manager
Published: July 1, 2023

Power management is an essential aspect of modern electronic devices. With the ever‑increasing power requirements of electronic devices, efficient power management has become a necessity, and power MUX load switches are one of the innovative solutions that help in effective power management.

In applications requiring two different power rails to work on a common load, a two single‑channel load switch, dual‑channel load switch, or power MUX can be used. However, using single/dual‑channel load switches for such applications adds different difficulties in switchover control, overcurrent, over‑undervoltage protection implementations, and more. The SLG59H1405V high voltage GreenFET load switch helps to avoid all these inconveniences and provides additional flexibility in power rail control.

In addition to the already existing SLG59H1401C and SLG59H1403C power MUX load switches, Renesas has added the new SLG59H1405V power MUX load switch to its portfolio. It is a high‑performance load switch that offers low RDSON and low leakage current in the OFF state. The main difference of the SLG59H1405V is that it supports only manual switchover and can be completely turned OFF when the device is not used. It is designed to handle high inrush currents and has a wide input operating voltage range. The device is capable of handling up to 3A of continuous current for Channel 1 and up to 1.25A of continuous current for Channel 2, while the overcurrent limit threshold can be adjusted for each channel independently. The SLG59H1405V power MUX load switch has two enable pins that are used to turn each channel ON and OFF separately, reducing power consumption when the device is not in use. This feature also helps to implement a manual switchover between channel 1 and channel 2.

Use a Power MUX Load Switch for Seamless Switchover Between Power Rails

As an example of a real-world application, consider powering portable devices from two different sources: a USB charger or a wireless charger. Depending on which power source has higher priority, the microcontroller (MCU) can automatically control the Power MUX and enable the corresponding channel. For example, if a device is operating from a USB charger and it is suddenly disconnected, the MCU will automatically switch the device to another available power source. In the SLG59H1405V the switchover is realized by using an ideal diode topology, which helps to achieve a very seamless switchover between available power sources without requiring a large load capacitance.

One of the main advantages of using the SLG59H1405V power MUX load switch is that it is easy to use and can be integrated into a wide range of applications. With its low RDSON, low leakage current, and only 2mm x 2.5mm FC-QFN package size, it is a cost‑effective, space‑efficient, and reliable solution for power management applications.

Another benefit of using the SLG59H1405V power MUX load switch is that it offers protection against short circuits, overcurrent, over-temperature, and over/undervoltage events. These built-in protection features help to prevent damage to the whole electronic device.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an efficient and reliable way to manage power in your electronic device, Renesas’ SLG59H1405V power MUX load switch is an excellent solution. It is ideal for use in battery‑powered devices, USB ports, and other low‑voltage applications, offering a simple and efficient way to control power to your device.

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