Kayoko Nemoto
Senior Staff Specialist
Published: September 8, 2021

Demand for real-time processing is on the rise as we move toward the realization of smart factories, the core of Industry 4.0. above all, EtherCAT with its high-speed communication and high synchronous control performance is especially popular for motor control applications. In our previous blog (Multiple Industrial Ethernet Communication and Industrial Motor Control All-in-One Solution by RX72M), we introduced product features and solution benefits of the RX72M group proposed by Renesas.

In the recent Covid-19 situation, there are some issues particular to factory automation that are showing up, such as the need to operate with minimal resources. Thus, it is also required that solutions "after Covid-19" improve work efficiency and productivity, and shorten development time.

To solve these challenges faced by many customers, Renesas proposes the RX72M Motor + EtherCAT single-chip solution, which realizes application processing, standard EtherCAT communication and motor control with a single chip.

The RX72M Group integrates the EtherCAT slave controller inside and achieves the superior performance of a 1416 CoreMark® score at 240MHz. Additionally, in this solution, RX72M is implemented with encoder vector control software, enabling the control of two brushless DC motors with encoders. And by switching functions between four types of motor control patterns brings your development along with actual motor application in the factory.

You can download the application note and sample code on our website. We will support solving these challenges by developing applications that control multiple motors, such as industrial robots and servos.

RX72M Smaller System Size
RX72M Motor + EtherCAT Single Chip Solution System Block Diagram
System Block Diagram

Also, the EtherCAT® protocol stack is compliant with the CiA 402 drive profile to facilitate system conformance testing. This helps interoperability in the factory and improves the reliability of the customer's end products.

RX72M Motor + EtherCAT Single Chip Solution Photo 1
RX72M Motor + EtherCAT Single Chip Solution Photo 2


This solution has been published on the web as an application note, "Single-Chip Motor Control via EtherCAT Communications" (document No: R01AN5434EJ0100). In the solution demo video, now available, you can also refer to the high synchronization of EtherCAT communication and the high response performance of RX72M communication and motor control with a single chip. Please take this opportunity to check it out together with the solution demo video!

The suitcase demo shown here is available for lending. Please contact your local Renesas sales or Distributor for more information.

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Renesas RX72M Motor + EtherCAT® Single Chip Solution

Introducing an EtherCAT motor control solution using Renesas' high-performance 32-bit microcontroller RX72M. This solution enables synchronous control of the motors in multiple equipment by connecting to EtherCAT, an industrial Ethernet communication system with high synchronous control performance.

For details, refer to the application note RX Group Single-Chip Motor Control via EtherCAT Communications Rev.1.10 (PDF | English, 日本語) on the Renesas website.


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