Masashi Takemura
Masashi Takemura
Staff Application Engineer
Published: June 30, 2022

EEMBC (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 to promote the standardization of benchmarks for embedded systems. Various benchmarks are conducted and provided as data to fairly evaluate the processing performance of multiple manufacturers' products.

The RL78/G23 group has been certified as the new world's highest score in ULPMark-PP (ULPMark-PeripheralProfile), a benchmark for evaluating the energy efficiency of peripheral function circuits built into microcontrollers, beating the score of the RL78/I1D group in the same RL78 family (as of June 2022).


The certified RL78/G23 group is a microcontroller with the industry's lowest level of low current consumption at 41µA/MHz during CPU operation and 210nA during STOP (holding 4KB of SRAM), as well as a new SNOOZE mode sequencer function that enables a significant reduction in power consumption during intermittent operation.

The evaluation board (Fast Prototyping Board), which enables program writing/debugging without additional tools by simply connecting a USB cable, and the Smart Configurator, which facilitates design with GUI, are also provided as the optimal development environment for the RL78/G23 group. The RL78/G23 is also compatible with existing RL78 family products and can be seamlessly replaced, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from home appliances and consumer electronics to industrial equipment.

Please consider the RL78/G23, which has lower power consumption and improved usability while inheriting the existing RL78 family products!

For more information, visit the RL78 family page.

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