Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato
Sr. Manager of Embedded Processing Business Development Division
Published: May 31, 2024
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As the number of connected devices grows exponentially, the need to process data closer to its source becomes critical, driving demand for sophisticated edge computing solutions. Latency, power consumption, cost, privacy constraints, and data volume necessitate deploying edge infrastructure instead of relying solely on remote cloud servers. Additionally, semiconductor software interoperability challenges, such as proprietary drivers, lack of standardization, and varying operating systems, complicate the integration and increase the number of test combinations.

ONELab is a new collaborative initiative from Linaro to provide interoperability at scale for Arm®-based edge and IoT devices. ONELab operates as a virtual plug fest with silicon vendors (SiPs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) providing platforms for testing, while OS vendors and cloud service providers contribute operating systems and test suites. The lab schedules test runs, collects results, and provides detailed reports to users, enabling them to identify and resolve interoperability issues proactively. Renesas joins as a lead partner with RZ MPUs for this new collaboration. ONELab public launch is planned for the end of 2024.

"This innovative collaborative effort is poised to provide scalable interoperability for Arm-based edge and IoT devices, addressing a critical need in the industry," said Mohammed Doger, Vice President of Embedded Processing Business Development Division at Renesas, "Renesas is proud to join ONELab as a lead partner, leveraging our RZ MPUs to support this critical endeavor. Our collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing technology and ensuring seamless integration across diverse platforms. We believe that this initiative will significantly enhance the development and deployment of edge and IoT devices, driving innovation and efficiency in the industry."

"We are thrilled to have Renesas as a lead partner in the ONELab," said Grant Likely, Chief Technical Officer at Linaro. "Their expertise with RZ MPUs greatly strengthens our collaborative effort. Together, we aim to achieve scalable interoperability for Arm-based edge and IoT devices, meeting a critical industry need. This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to technological advancement and seamless platform integration. We are confident that ONELab will play a pivotal role in enhancing the development and deployment of edge and IoT devices, driving significant innovation and efficiency."

ONELab Key Features 

  • Save time and resources: Designed to streamline the testing of Arm SystemReady and PSA Certified certification processes, making it effortless for users to verify hardware and software compatibility.
  • Minimize risks and reduce costs: Early identification of issues by addressing compatibility concerns throughout the customer development process, reducing the risk of costly setbacks.
  • Trust granted: Provide evidence that products are cloud-native and edge-ready and ensure products work seamlessly together.
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This marks a significant step in addressing cloud-native edge computing challenges. With collaboration and interoperability testing, we can build a more secure, efficient, and scalable ecosystem for edge and IoT devices.

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