Kiyoshi Murano
Kiyoshi Murano
Principal Specialist
Published: November 30, 2021

Are you familiar with Power Line Communications Technology (PLC)? PLC is a technology that uses AC or DC power lines for data communication. The advantage of using PLC technology is to easily reduce system costs by just using the existing power lines and not having to install additional signal lines and can be used in areas where radio coverage is not available. This is widely used with smart power meters as a complementary technology. However, it is not well-known that the features in PLC technology can be used with coaxial lines, twisted-pair cables, and many other types of data lines, and not just power lines.

Renesas has leveraged its long experience with PLC technology to develop the R9A06G061, a product that achieves higher speed and improved performance compared to alternative products, expanding the range of use of PLC as a network technology for the benefit of a smart society. This new product is the fourth generation of the CPX series of PLC modems and is ideal for closed network system applications, such as inter-equipment communication, due to the improved drive capacity during direct drive and the compact design, which can further expand application proposals for DC power supply systems.

High-Performance in a Small Footprint

Many users struggle with evaluating PLC technology and solution implementation. They are worried about noise resistance. They want to achieve easy network operation with high-speed Product Line Communication, develop a compact communication module design with easy installation, and be able to conduct speedy technical validation and have ease of testing. The R9A06G061 resolves these concerns as follows:

  • Adopted as a global standard for Power Line Communication, providing high noise immunity and robust communication performance by combining the inheritance of OFDM modulation method that is proven in the existing CPX series and the technical know-how that created it.
  • Realizes Peer-to-Peer communication, up to 1Mbps transmission speed, and long distance communication over 1km. Specifically, it improves the drive capability during direct drive in DC power supply systems and suppresses communication degradation due to attenuation.
  • The R9A06G061, with its high-performance modem function and compact package (QFN-40pin), optimizes the analog circuitry to reduce the number of passive peripheral components required and achieves a small communication module design.
  • Simplifies PLC system evaluation with a development kit including a variety of hardware and software tools that can support customer’s evaluation and development.
DC Communication Module (Left), R9A06G061 Evaluation Kit (Right)
Figure 1: DC Communication Module (Left), R9A06G061 Evaluation Kit (Right)

The R9A06G061 is the ideal PLC modem to maximize the practical use of Power Line Communication as a means of communication necessary to achieve and operate a more stable network infrastructure in the accelerated smart society. Visit the R9A06G061 webpage, if you are interested in PLC technology, or are facing concerns in evaluating future communications technologies.

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