Takehiro Mikami
Takehiro Mikami
Sr Staff Product Marketing Specialist
Published: June 14, 2023

The Renesas RX family of MCUs have been widely adopted by numerous customers from its launch in 2009 through 2022, with cumulative shipments exceeding 1.3 billion units. The RX-T series products, which are optimized for motor/inverter control account for about 40% of the total shipments, especially for outdoor air-conditioning equipment and industrial inverters. The RX26T is the successor to RX24T and RX24U, a valuable addition to the RX-T series product line.

Since its launch, the RX-T series has been used mainly in the outdoor units of air-conditioning equipment. However, in recent years, there has been a strong demand for more precise and efficient inverter control, software PFC, latest communication standards (CAN FD, I3C Basic) support, IoT technology (dual-bank flash memory, security functions), improved performance and functionality of the product. The RX26T is developed to address these market requirements and is equipped with the optimal computing performance and peripheral functions for dual-motor + PFC control.

The RX26T features are as follows:

  • 120MHz RXv3 core (721 CoreMark) with no-wait access flash memory
  • 5V power supply support for improved noise immunity
  • Support dual-motor control and PFC (Power Factor Correction) control
  • Enable reduced component count and board miniaturization
  • Dual-bank flash memory allows for rewriting without stopping system operation
  • Trusted Secure IP-Lite security features reduce the risk of information leakage
  • Support the latest communication standards – CAN FD and I3C Basic

For more details, please watch the RX26T Product Introduction Video.

Introducing the evaluation kit that can get your RX26T evaluation started right away.
The RX26T supports Renesas' latest motor solution platform. The Renesas Flexible Motor Control Kit (MCK) – MCK-RX26T includes a CPU board (Renesas Flexible Motor Control CPU Board: MCB) with access to all pins, an inverter board (MCI-LV-1), and a communication board (MC-COM) as a combined set.

You can immediately start evaluation of a motor with this kit and the following two sample codes downloaded from Renesas website.
Sensorless Vector Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor - For MCK Rev.1.10 (ZIP | English, 日本語)
Vector Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Encoder - For MCK Rev.1.10 (ZIP | English, 日本語)

The CPU board (MCB-RX26T) is also available separately, with option to choose between (MCB-RX26T Type A (without TSIP-Lite) or MCB-RX26T Type B (with TSIP-Lite).

Although we have released the RX26T, a new addition to the microcontroller series that is ideal for motor control, prior generation products are also available for use.

The RX26T contributes to further innovation for your next motor control application development.

Please visit the RX26T MCU product page, MCK page, CPU board (without TSIP-Lite), and CPU board (with TSIP-Lite) for more detailed information on technical documents and samples.

Explore the Digital Power Conversion with Totem Pole Interleaved PFC Winning Combination for a total solution utilizing not only the MCUs but also other Renesas products.

In addition to Renesas proprietary core-based MCUs, Renesas also provides different platform options to support a wide variety of motor control applications. The RISC-V ASSP MCUs provide a complete solution for users developing on RISC-V platform. Pre-developed application software is programmed on the device at factory production, with specialized application code developed by IDHs (independent design houses) enabling users to add sophisticated field-oriented motor control functionality without any effort in terms of development, testing and validation of the implementation.

In addition, the RA4T1 and RA6T3 MCUs are ideal for users developing on the Arm platform. Using the same motor control kit as RX MCUs, users can easily scale development across different platforms.

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Introducing 32-bit RX MCU RX26T

Learn more about the key features of the RX26T MCU, which enables dual-motor and PFC control, and is the newest addition to the RX-T series optimized for motor control applications.