Shun Matsuo
Shun Matsuo
IoT Product Engineer
Published: July 20, 2023

The RX Family has a long-standing market record as Renesas' flagship microcontroller, offering a wide range of comprehensive software, high-functionality and user-friendly development tools, as well as a variety of boards and kits. Utilizing these development environments enables users to promptly start evaluations and development.

However, for those who are using the RX Family for the first time, it may not be clear what content is available and what to take advantage of. Even for users who have experienced RX development, they might not be aware of the new content that has been released.

To address this, we have prepared the handbook for engineers specifically tailored to the latest entry-level microcontroller, the RX140. This handbook provides a convenient way to easily figure out the most relevant content available. It compiles the necessary documents, tools, and resources for product development, categorized by development phases, allowing users to quickly grasp the most applicable information based on their development requirements.

RX140 handbook en

The handbook is divided into 3 steps, covering the different phases of development. Step 1 provides information necessary for microcontroller selection, such as product introductions and supply information. Step 2 includes hardware design-related information including hardware design guides, evaluation board, and partner information, software design-related information including development environments and sample code, and Renesas solution-related guidelines such as touch keys. Step 3 covers information related to programming during production.

Please refer to this RX140 handbook for engineers and make full use of the rich content provided by Renesas in your product development. For more details, please refer to the RX140 product page.

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