In scales, the used sensor elements are non-linear, therefore linearization needs to be done. In this solution, the workload is done in a sensor signal conditioner to allow close to 100% use of the microcontroller (MCU) for customer applications.

System Benefits​:

  • No load for the MCU, as all the pre-processing is done by the signal conditioner
  • Tiny software footprint on the MCU side for precise scale functionality
  • Offloading the MCU offers full MCU capability for user applications (e.g. Human Machine Interface (HMI), Tara function, etc.)
  • The IO-Link PHY powers the entire application
  • Easy adoption of a seven-segment LED via the GreenPAK™ family of cost-effective NVM programmable devices
  • Reduced BOM, smaller PCB




  • Industrial scales
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) systems
  • Retail scales