This solution features an MCU that is an optimized single motor control solution to drive vector control/field-oriented control (FOC) of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless DC motor). It also has a best-in-class built-in floating point unit (FPU) and various built-in peripheral functions, allowing for a small and low BoM cost single motor control board.

In an unisolated environment, it is possible to run high-voltage BLDC motors. Alternatively, the system can be controlled remotely using the DA16600 ultra-low power Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy® (LE) module.

System Benefits​:

  • The proposed solution shows a discrete integration of high voltage/current MOSFETs
  • Simple interfacing to external control hardware (ADC input, PWM input, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE)




  • High-performance ventilators, where steady performance is needed
  • Slow turning ceiling fans