A furnace is a device used to control high-temperature heating. A residential furnace is a device that heats air and passes it (via ductwork) to the space where the air is being heated. In this design, Renesas provides solutions for residential furnaces that are equipped with a moving blower to move air via the duct system. The design also includes an air quality sensor that can monitor conditions in rooms or ducts.

System Benefits:

  • High integration 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) with 12-bit A/D for better precision and compact control
  • Features a galvanically isolated high-speed differential bus transceiver, which is designed for bidirectional data communication on balanced transmission lines
  • Indoor air quality sensor platform for total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ)



Winning Combinations Interactive Diagram

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Template 1 Connector dotted line Connector dotted line.82 Connector dotted arrow.54 Connector dotted arrow.55 Connector Arrow.56 Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Safety Limit Switch Safety Limit Switch Safety Limit Switch High Pressure Sensor High Pressure Sensor High Pressure Sensor Low Pressure Sensor Low Pressure Sensor Low Pressure Sensor Flame Roll-Out Switch Flame Roll-Out Switch Flame Roll-Out Switch Flame Sensor Flame Sensor Flame Sensor Igniter Igniter Igniter 24 VAC 24VAC 24VAC RS-485 Bus RS-485 Bus RS-485 Bus Draft Inducer & Blower Fan Motor Draft Inducer & Blower Fan Motor Draft Inducer & Blower Fan Motor CO Sensor CO Sensor CO Sensor Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.36 Connector Arrow.37 Connector Arrow.38 Connector dotted arrow Connector dotted arrow.41 Connector dotted arrow.42 Connector dotted arrow.43 Connector Arrow.44 Bi-directional Connector 1.160 7mA 7mA 7mA ~300mA ~300mA ~300mA Gas Valve Relay Gas Valve Relay Gas Valve Relay US076 US076 US076 Connector Arrow.58 Connector Arrow.62 Connector Arrow.63 Connector Arrow.64 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 10mA 10mA 10mA 3.3V.67 4mAmax 4mAmax Connector 1.160.68 Connector 1.160.69 Transceiver Transceiver Transceiver Connector Arrow.70 Connector Arrow.71 Connector Arrow.72 Connector Line Bi-directional.74 Bi-directional.75 Connector Arrow.77 Connector Line.78 Connector 1.160.79 Surge Protection Surge Protection Surge Protection EMI Filter EMI Filter EMI Filter ESD Protection ESD Protection ESD Protection Rectifier Rectifier Rectifier Rectifier.59 Rectifier Rectifier Transformer Transformer Transformer LDO LDO LDO Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Bi-directional.80 5V 5V 5V 16mAmax 16mAmax 16mAmax MCU MCU MCU MCU Peripheral I2C I2C Peripheral.3 ADC ADC VDD VDD VDD UART UART UART Peripheral.8 SPI SPI Peripheral.9 GPIO GPIO Peripheral.46 GPIO GPIO Peripheral.47 GPIO GPIO
Exiting Interactive Block Diagram