This solution provides high efficiency while supporting a variety of display outputs. The high-quality outputs for scalable cockpit and infotainment solutions are made possible with the combination of a system-on-chip (SoC), power management IC (PMIC), and a configurable PCIe clock generator.

System Benefits:

  • The system provides high efficiency and supports a variety of display outputs and high-quality outputs for scalable cockpit and infotainment solutions.
  • Enables smooth 3D clusters on the larger class 12.3-inch display at 1920 x 720 pixels.
  • A flexible power supply supports a wide range of multi-core SoCs and integrates full power rail management with multiple sleep modes for an optimized system solution.
  • Reduces R&D cost and development time using PMICs verified for R-Car SoCs.




  • Instrument clusters
  • In-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
  • Cockpit controllers

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AS203 PMIC PMIC PMIC Connector Arrow.167 WC# AS203 AS203 SoC R-Car E3e SoC R-Car E3e SoC R-Car E3e QSPI 3 QSPI QSPI Connector Arrow.138 Connector Arrow.152 Label Text 10pt.262 PCIe Clock PCIe Clock Battery.230 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 Label Text 10pt.2153 12V Battery 12V Battery QSPI 2 QSPI QSPI Connector Arrow.189 Connector Line Dynamic connector VCC VCC VCC PCIe 1 PCIe PCIe PCIe 2 PCIe PCIe Connector Arrow.179 PCIe CLK PCIe CLK PCIeCLK Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator Connector Arrow.200 Connector Arrow.151 DBSC DBSC DBSC DRAM DRAM DRAM Connector Arrow.166 QSPI 1 QSPI QSPI Hyper Flash Hyper Flash Hyper Flash Connector Arrow.168 eMMC eMMC eMMC MMC MMC MMC Ether Ether Ether Connector Arrow.177 Ether AVB Ether AVB EtherAVB SD SD SD Connector Arrow.178 SDHI SDHI SDHI DU 1 DU DU Connector Arrow.172 DU 2 DU DU USB 1 USB USB Connector Arrow.171 USB 2 USB USB HDMI 2 HDMI HDMI LVDS 1 LVDS LVDS LVDS 2 LVDS LVDS Connector Arrow.145 Connector Arrow.170 Connector Arrow.141 Connector Arrow.144 SSI 1 SSI SSI MIPI CSI 2 MIPI CSI 2 MIPICSI 2 Connector Arrow.195 Connector Arrow.196 CSI CSI CSI HDMI 1 HDMI HDMI Audio Audio Audio DAC DAC DAC Pre-Regulator.202 Pre-Regulator Pre-Regulator
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Integrated Clock Generator for Automotive

See how Renesas' clock solutions can help meet system requirements and provide ease of use for configuration.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Etienne Winkelmueller and I am product line manager for automotive timing at Renesas Electronics. I will talk to you today about clocks.

The challenge today as far as clocks are concerned is that due to the increase in data rates as well as system complexity, an entire new set of requirements are introduced, particularly higher frequency and lower jitter.

This demo shows how integrated clock generators can be used to create all the clock needed by a system. This particular example shows our Renesas R-Car SoC, but the example applies to any kind of electronic system.

Integrated clock generators feature many advantages. They can generate any frequency up to 350 megahertz with single ended or differential signaling and jitter level up to PCI Express Gen 4. They also have other functions such as spread spectrum or frequency reconfigurability.

The most popular feature of the device is the ease of use for configuration. Simply follow the link on the website and fill in your technical requirement in the table.

One of these clock generators can replace several crystal oscillators with lower footprints, more features, more flexibility and lower costs.