For surround view and augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD) applications, the combination of R-Car V3H and TW8846/8847 enables these two applications’ video outputs and AI processing in one system at the same time, reducing the system BOM cost.

System Benefits​:

  • Easily expandable from existing R-Car V3H systems
  • High-accuracy AI image recognition is possible by using R-Car V3H with CNN IP
  • R-Car V3H and PMIC support functional safety up to ISO 26262 ASIL B
  • Integrates many components in several Renesas R-Car systems into a tiny CMIC, allowing product differentiation at a lower cost and PCB space
  • Cost-effective HD camera system by using AHL’s low-cost connectors and cables
  • Reduced system complexity with analog video transmission with no loss of signal quality
  • Support for longer cable lengths suitable for video data transmission in commercial vehicles and buses




  • ADAS solutions – surround view/around view monitor, automated parking, etc.

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AS244 Quad component Component block.751 Component block.747 Component block.748 Component block.749 11pt text 11pt text WC# AS244 AS244 SoC SoC SoC Subsystem component.1688 VCNN-IP VCNN-IP Right arrow 1pt.1711 Sheet.2052 Camera.325 Sheet.2035 Sheet.2036 PMIC 1 PMIC PMIC AHL TX 1 AHL TX AHL TX Down arrow.38 Right arrow.36 Line Right arrow bracket.32 Right arrow CMIC CMIC CMIC Battery.230 Sheet.2081 Sheet.2082 Sheet.2083 Sheet.2084 Sheet.2088 Double arrow.267 Left arrow.51 Right arrow.36.2121 VSP VSP VSP Right arrow.2125 Right arrow.2126 Right arrow bracket.32.2127 Right arrow.2128 Label Text 10pt.2153 12V Battery 12V Battery Label Text 10pt.262.2159 Image Separation Image Separation Label Text 10pt.2164 Scale Up Scale Up Label Text 10pt.2169 CLK CLK Label Text 10pt.2170 LVDS LVDS Label Text 10pt.2177 MIPI MIPI AHL RX 1 AHL RX AHL RX Right arrow.2241 Right arrow.2242 Label Text 10pt.2246 5V 5V wireless-connectivity Sheet.2258 Sheet.2259 Sheet.2260 Sheet.2261 wireless-connectivity.2262 Sheet.2263 Sheet.2264 Sheet.2265 Sheet.2266 wireless-connectivity.2267 Sheet.2268 Sheet.2269 Sheet.2270 Sheet.2271 wireless-connectivity.2272 Sheet.2273 Sheet.2274 Sheet.2275 Sheet.2276 Component block.749 11pt text 11pt text Right arrow 1pt.2318 wireless-connectivity.2332 Sheet.2333 Sheet.2334 Sheet.2335 Sheet.2336 AHL RX 2 AHL RX AHL RX Sheet.2319 Camera.2320 Sheet.2321 Sheet.2322 PMIC 2 PMIC PMIC AHL TX 2 AHL TX AHL TX Down arrow.2325 Right arrow bracket.2327 Right arrow.2328 Connector Arrow Sheet.2376 Double arrow.2150 Double arrow.2166 Label Text 10pt.262.2367 900 900 Label Text 10pt.2368 1024 1024 Non-Renesas Component.297 Main Display (Surround View) Main Display(Surround View) Sheet.2383 Double arrow.2150 Double arrow.2166 Label Text 10pt.2367 600 600 Label Text 10pt.2368 800 800 Non-Renesas Component.297 Sub Display AR-HUD Sub DisplayAR-HUD Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator Label Text 10pt.262.2392 Cameras Cameras Non-Renesas Component.297 DC/DC DC/DC Non-Renesas Component.2395 PMIC PMIC
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