Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is used to communicate between a networked charging station and a networked charge management system. At present, the charging stations can connect to OCPP, but with this solution, standalone EV chargers can also connect to the OCPP server to authorize EVs, configure charger configurations remotely, get real-time alerts, session controls, faults, etc. This gives users and manufacturers flexibility to use any charger, any EV system with the freedom of charging technique like CHAdeMO or Type-2 CCS.

System Benefits​:

  • CHAdeMO, Type-2 CCS connectors for flexible use with CAN or PWM communication.
  • Network interfaces like GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) give the flexibility to interface with the charger and inform about the battery type and vehicle.
  • The system can be connected to 3.3KW or any charger through SPI/PMOD as an interface card.
  • The PWM timers of the RX66T MCU (in the 3KW Off-Board Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger solution) are used for HB-LLC; the RA2L1 MCU is used for the OIC card to interface with a vehicle through the charging gun.



  • EV charging station
  • OCPP interfacing network card
  • EV charge plug solution
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