This solution is for digital control of photovoltaic power conditioners, UPS and industrial 3-phase DC/AC inverter power supplies. You can increase the system efficiency and reduce the size and weight of the filter reactors that cut harmonic components by applying a low-loss SiC power element and 3-level (T-type) circuit topology to the inverter circuit.

●3-level inverter power supply unit

Items Specifications
Output power 10kW
Output voltage 3Φ、400Vac
Output frequency 50 or 60Hz
Input voltage range 750Vdc、600~850V
Inverter switching frequency 20~50kHz
Power factor 0.8
Cooling Method Natural air / Foced air
PWM mode 2-Level / 3-Level
3-level inverter power supply unit

Primary applications: DC/AC power converters

  • Power conditioners for solar power generation
  • UPS uninterruptible power supplies
  • Industrial power supplies

●3-level inverter application effects

The PWM output voltage waveform of the 3-level inverter more closely approaches a sine wave.

PWM output voltage waveform

●Comparison of the high-frequency components of the PWM output voltage

There are fewer harmonic components in the 3-level inverter output PWM voltage, resulting in smaller, lighter and lower cost filter reactors to cut the high harmonic components

Reduction in size, weight, and cost of filter reactors

40% reduction in reactor volume and weight for 3-Level (50 kHz) compared to 2-Level (20 kHz)

Reduced reactor volume and weight

●Reduction of switching losses

The switching operation of the power components is performed at half the DC power supply voltage, effectively reducing switching losses and increasing efficiency

Reduction of switching losses

◆Renesas 3-level DC/AC 3-phase inverter control solution

Application note (APN), sample software and development support tools for DC/AC 3-phase inverter power converter control are provided.

APNs, sample software, and development support tools provided

*1.Please contact us for sample software, circuit data and demo boards.



  • Both 2-level and 3-level operation modes are supported.
  • Can support switching frequencies from 20kHz to 50kHz, which allows for increased power density and smaller and lighter filter reactors (magnetic components).
  • The 6 channels of GPT timers in the RX66T can be operated synchronously to simultaneously output the 12 PWM gate signals required for a 3-level inverter.
  • Application notes, sample programs, development tools, and circuit data are available, so you can start development immediately.