IO-Link is an open protocol defined by IEC 61131-9 as an international standard. It is a serial communication protocol that connects sensors and actuators to remote I/O or PLC in factory automation. With demand increasing for IoT, demand for IO-Link is also growing for unified management of big data from sensors and actuators to upper layers. Renesas provides an application note, sample program, sample software including system configuration and block diagrams, and protocol stack for evaluation, enabling users to realize measurement, signal processing and IO-Link communication with a single chip.

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RX23E-A IO-Link Temperature Sensor Solution

This single-chip solution uses the 32-bit RX23E-A microcontroller with built-in high-precision analog front-end (AFE) to measure temperature, process sensing and signals, and control IO-Link communications via a ZIOL2401 IO-Link PHY chip.

Key Features

  • View RX23E-A RSSK information, and monitor temperature measurement and parameter settings using the IO-Link tool on a PC via a master device.
  • Includes demo that controls LED on/off control based on temperature measurement value set in the IO-Link tool, as an example of an application transmitting an indicated value from an upper layer to a temperature measurement device. Easily try out two-way communication, one of the merits of IO-Link.
  • Contains IO-Link stack developed by TMG, which can be used for evaluation purposes.
  • Sensor signal isolating photocoupler/optocoupler, power supply ICs, and other peripheral components ideal for temperature measurement devices are also available from Renesas.
RX23E-A IO-Link Temperature Sensor Solution Block Diagram


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RX23E-A IO-Link Temperature Sensor Solution