The smart terminal backup power system has a wide input voltage range which supports from 4.5V to 40V with 1A to 20A output. A supercapacitor can be used to replace the traditional battery (with defects such as electrolyte leakage) as a backup power supply.

In this solution, the ISL81401 buck-boost controller can work in buck, boost or buck-boost mode with bidirectional CC/CV mode support, and can replace two-part solutions available from competitors. The charge time can be programmed as needed, and discharge time can be optimized to fully discharge the energy. ISL81401 can discharge the capacitor energy as much as the present electronic components, which maximizes the use of capacitive energy and helps save cost. 

System Benefits:

  • ISL81401 can fully extract the power of supercapacitor (can be as low as 0.3V)
  • ISL88002 voltage supervisor to monitor the power status
  • RJK03M5DNS N-MOSFET support for high-efficiency drive and low heat design
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Supercapacitor Based Terminal Backup Power Supply

This reference design has a wide input voltage range which supports 4.5V to 40V with 1A to 20A output. It uses a supercapacitor as a backup power supply.