As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand into the home appliances market, devices such as smart drills will need to be able to communicate with a smartphone using common wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi. This energy-efficient intelligent cordless drill solution includes an electric wire in wall detection feature, as well as additional programmable features that include angle of drilling (vertical/horizontal/any angle), RPM limit for plastic materials, torque limit as an option to a mechanical switch, distance measurements, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connection to a smartphone for easy user setup, and optional haptic indication of electric wire detection.

System Benefits​:

  • Electric wire in wall detection integrated in removable dust collector increases safety and removes the need for additional dedicated tools
  • Indication of horizontal or vertical (or programmable angle) removes the need for additional jigs or tools
  • Low cost Bluetooth LE allows users to comfortably control the drill on a smartphone
  • Brushless motor with precise toque control increases efficiency and power and decreases overall weight
  • Wide angle observation display (IPS or OLED panel)



  • Cordless drill with embedded safety and advanced functionality
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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