For a cloud integration systems such as remote monitoring system, fast streaming of camera captured image is required.
 This software package includes device drivers and sample application to realize these system with wireless environment. This sample enables the RZ/A2M family MCUs to be implemented for customers' products.
 This package supports Silex Technology open_in_new SX-SDCAC-2380-SP open_in_new module.
 The SX-SDMAC is an FCC/IC/CE/MIC certified module. Radio Certification may be required.
By adding the SX-SDMAC driver included in this package to your FreeRTOS project, you can easily try the cloud integration functions supported by Amazon Web Services. For details, please refer Getting Started with the Renesas RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit (PDF).

*SX-SDCAC-2830-SP must be purchased separately.

Overview of the Application

RZ/A2M captures images from MIPI camera, converts images to JPEG format, and transmit JPEG image to PC via wireless LAN. PC streams received images.

RZ/A2M SDIO Wi-Fi Package Overview

Operation Environment

Integrated development environment e² studio 2020-07 or later versions
Compiler GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain (6-2017-q2)
Supported board RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit
Emulator J-Link LITE (included with the board, this J-Link LITE can not be used for any other boards.)
Wi-Fi  module

Silex Technology SX-SDCAC-2830-SP


Package Information

Software Package Name Latest version Released Features Download

RZ/A2M SDIO Wi-Fi Package
Release Note: RZ/A2M Group RZ/A2M SDIO Wi-Fi Package V3.01 (PDF | English, 日本語)

3.02 Oct. 09, 2020
Sample usage of the feature that transmits captured MIPI camera images via SDIO Wi-Fi module. (*1)
[Supported software]
  • OS: FreeRTOS V10.0.1, OS abstraction
  • Middleware: DRP library
  • Driver: SX-SDMAC, MIPI/VIN, CEU, Timer, UART, I2C, ADC, SDIO, JCU, HyperBus
RZ/A2M Group RZ/A2M SDIO Wi-Fi Package V3.02 (ZIP)

(*1) If UHS-l mode support is needed for SDIO, please contact us.

This package is based on RZ/A2M Software Package.
Refer RZ/A Software Development Kit page for the other RZ/A2M packages.

Target Devices

Family Group
RZ Family RZ/A2M


FreeRTOSTMis a trademark of Amazon Web Services, Inc.
(Remarks) SX-SDMAC driver is a product of Silex Technology, Inc.. Contact Silex Technology for details about SX-SDMAC.