Renesas RTD120D thermopile can support healthy air in Canadian classrooms.

By Mark Barclay, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-09

Learn more about the RX671 with enhanced computing capabilities and function. The RX671 is newly added to the RX600 series microcontroller, which has contributed to the evolution of smart home appliances and industrial equipment. With this new product addition, Renesas is now able to meet a wider range of needs.

By Takuya Anzai, IoT Product Engineer -- 2021-09

Dan discusses the benefits of Renesas’ lab on the cloud platform

By Daniel Goodhew, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-09

Pavel provides an overview of the Ka Satcom band LNA lab demonstration that achieved a new performance benchmark for active beamforming ICs in electronically steered phased array antennas (ESAs) with two simultaneous beams.

By Pavel Borodulin, Senior Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-09

Renesas proposes RX72M Motor + EtherCAT Single Chip Solution, which realizes application processing, standard EtherCAT communication and motor control with single chip.

By Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Specialist -- 2021-09

Software virtualization is a powerful tool that facilitates the goal of ECUs consolidation. Peripherals that provide hardware-assisted virtualization help to further reduce the overhead introduced by this approach. In this proof of concept, we show the advantages of sharing between two virtual machines an automotive network switch with hw-assisted virtualization  (Renesas R-Switch2) compared to a full software solution.

By Vito Colagiacomo, Staff Engineer -- 2021-09

Minh Tran walks you through the benefits of the Verified Linux Package, introducing the industrial grade Linux Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) and super long-term support (SLTS) kernel integrated into the RZ/G full-fledged Board Support Package (BSP).

By Minh Tran, Manager -- 2021-08

Renesas had developed an evaluation environment for dual motor control which can be build  using two of the already commercially available motor evaluation kits.
To make the motor control development more efficient the  “Renesas Motor Workbench“ tool is supporting this effort. , By doing so you can control dual motors simultaneously by changing the motor control parameters on the simple provided GUI. 

By Takeo Mimura -- 2021-08
This blog introduces the “OTA solution” that uses Bluetooth LE wireless technology to update the RX23W firmware from your smartphone.
By Makoto Kawaguchi -- 2021-08

In this solution, you can work on wireless and total power evaluation of the “silex” wireless evaluation board using the Renesas IDE. You can easily get the actual wireless and power evaluation even at the very early stage of the development.

By Masaki Hama, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-08