Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a technology used to retouch/correct SDR images in high-contrast scenes, without generating blackouts and whiteouts. Since the dynamic range of a standard camera is limited, it is hard for one to capture high-contrast scenes properly, resulting in overexposure or underexposure. TMC has developed a unique WDR technology to provide images that are easy to detect even with a general "object recognition algorithm“, compatible with RZ/G microprocessors.


  • TMC’s original WDR engine improves the appearance of SDR images.
  • TMC’s original WDR engine uses a fast-operating algorithm that does not interfere with the operation of other applications, and therefore is ideal as a pre-process for object recognition by AI.
  • Available with a configuration compatible with Gstreamer.


  • Surveillance cameras
  • Door phones
  • Home security
  • Inspection machines


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