Renesas' solution for Driver & Occupant Monitoring system leverages the assets developed by R-Car V3M & R-Car V3H.

Market Trend

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) and Occupant Monitoring Systems (OMS) are key features when it comes to autonomous driving (AD) because the driver is still responsible for driving under certain conditions up to Level 3. Moreover, DMS is playing an important role for carmakers to get a 5-star safety award in Euro-NCAP written in its Roadmap 2025 and already used in its 2020 rating. The European Union is to mandate DMS for new models by 2022, and other regions are expected to follow. Similarly, mandated OMS features like child presence when leaving the car are imminent for North America and Europe (i.e. 5-star on 2022 Euro-NCAP).

Renesas Solutions

  • R-Car V3M and R-Car V3H offer an innovative scalable solution for a standalone DMS&OMS or integration along other ADAS applications (front camera or surround-view system)
  • They include state-of-the-art computer vision & deep learning processing that can be used for face detection and identification, gesture detection, classification enabling all DMS/OMS features.
  • State of the art functional safety and security
  • Efficient and low power solution
  • Support multiple cameras, as well as latest interior monitoring automotive sensors (i.e. RGB-IR)


  • Face detection & features (eyes, gaze, recognition, head 3D position…)
  • Hands detection (hands position, gesture detection…)
  • Status, distraction & alterness (drowsiness, emotion, phone usage, alcohol or substance influence...)
  • Occupants detection (occupancy count & positions, seat belts status...)
  • Occupants classification (age, gender, child left behind...)