DA14706 builds off the successes of Renesas’ SmartBond™ line, with Arm Cortex®-M33F at 160 MHz as integrated application processors, 2D graphics processor, Voice Activity Detector (VAD) and Power Management Unit (PMU). With its ultra-low-power radio transceiver offering +6 dBm output power, and -97 dBm sensitivity combined with its software-configurable and upgradeable protocol engine (MAC), the DA14706 is capable of supporting Bluetooth® low energy as well as multiple other 2.4GHz protocols. These unique features make the DA14706 the first product in the wireless SoC space to offer this level of integration.


  • Multi-core system – CM33F as main application core and CM0+ as sensor node controller
  • Dedicated 2D GPU & display controller supporting DPI, JDI parallel, DBI and Single/Dual/Quad SPI interfaces
  • Integrated charger and system Power Management Unit (PMU)
  • Configurable MAC supporting Bluetooth® LE 5.2 and proprietary 2.4 GHz protocols.
  • State of the art low power Bluetooth® LE radio matched to 50 ohms with a link budget of 103 dB optimizing battery life, system cost and connectivity over the air
  • Ultra-low power Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
  • Advanced security with state-of-the-art crypto accelerators, secure boot and key storage and handling



  • Fitness trackers
  • Sports watches
  • Medical devices (e.g. glucose monitoring readers)
  • Smart home devices and appliances (e.g. thermostat, white goods, etc.)
  • Industrial automation and security systems (e.g. mobile POS, HMI terminals, etc.)
  • Smart consoles (e.g. e-bike, exercise equipment, gaming consoles, etc.)
  • Toys


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