DAQ on a Stick signal solutions are snap in USB sticks that interface strain, temperature or pressure sensors into Renesas’ ultra-low power, precision analog products and then linearized by our industry leading microcontrollers. The complete solution; USB plug in, hardware, and software are ready to go, simply plug, click and start collecting data.

The reference designs incorporate low power multiplexers, precision instrumentation amplifiers, 24 bit sigma-delta ADCs and a precision digital potentiometer to calibrate the system. The RL78 industry standard microcontroller runs the sticks and interfaces the sensor data into any USB port.

Simplified Strain Gauge Schematic

Key Components

ISL28634 Programmable Gain INAMP
ISL28233 Operational Amplifiers
ISL43840 Differential Mux
ISL21010 4.096 Voltage Reference
ISL26104 24-bit Delta Sigma Converter
R5F10JBCAFP Integrated USB Controller

Strain Gauge with IN-Amp Reference Design

Reference Kit

Strain Gauge with IN-Amp

The “DAQ on a Stick, Strain Gauge with Programmable INAMP” is one of a series of reference designs highlighting Renesas' precision products with different microcontrollers. This compact design draws power through the USB port and uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to display the real time voltage readings from a bridge strain gauge or a user supplied sensor.


To request a reference design, please email: steve.lajeunesse.uj@gr.renesas.com.