Powered by AI technology, NextEye is an advanced analysis solution that turns your video system from a passive recorder to an active guardian, and is capable to monitor and analyze people, objects, activities in stores, offices and factories, allowing operators to focus on the most important events, capturing valuation evidence and accelerate response time. Low power efficiency and real-time processing are made possible by using RZ/V series.


  • Face recognition
    • Face identification with mask
    • Large scale face search
  • Safety and security management
    • Access control
    • Personal protective equipment compliance monitoring
    • Intrusion, crowd detection
    • Detection of goods removal from controlled area
  • Traffic insights analysis (promotion, marketing campaign, performance analysis)
    • Head counting and heatmap
    • Demographic identification
    • Report & dashboard via Web portal
    • Data cloud recording
  • Customer journey/customer service analysis
    • Customer integration rate
    • Dwell time and check out time measurement



  • Offices, factories, workplaces: access control,  safety and security management
  • Retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets: store planogram compliance monitoring, traffic and customer journey analysis


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