Security systems are becoming more valuable with the addition of voice and facial recognition features. Real-time recognition requires embedded systems with very high computational capabilities and on-chip hardware acceleration. Renesas' voice and facial recognition solutions can provide secure access to individuals based on biometric feedback.

Voice User Interface (VUI) Technology

The worldwide market demand for voice recognition is growing very fast. Especially, smart speakers and smart phones are fueling VUI growth in all areas. Rapid adoption of the IoT and the COVID-19 pandemic is further accelerating and driving voice-based technology adoption globally.

The voice segment is roughly separate into two. One is Speech Recognition the other is Conversational AI.

  • Speech Recognition: focuses on understanding few words. Applications such as home appliances, portable and industrial applications. IoT endpoint requiring small resources. Ecosystem is evolving.
  • Conversational AI: focuses on human-like conversation. Applications are smart speakers and smartphones and similar products, and IoT gateway to connect to the cloud. Requires more powerful MPU and resources. Ecosystem is mature.

Featured Products

MCU Based Solutions

Product Title Key Feature
TW001-VUIA6E1POCZ RA6E1 Voice User Reference Kit Multilanguage Support
TW001-VUIA4E1POCZ RA4E1 Voice User Reference Kit Command Recognition
TW001-VUIA2L1POCZ RA2L1 Voice User Reference Kit Low MHz Consumption
Voice Recognition Solutions Generic RA or RX Kits with Ecosystem Partners enabled voice demonstration package

ASSP Based Solution

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Product Title Key Feature
TW001-VUI-RISCVPOCZ RISC-V ASSP EASY Voice HMI Kit Turnkey Integrated Hardware and Software Solution


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