The Voice Control HMI with RISC-V ASSP solution is a compact voice control HMI system featuring a RISC-V 100 MHz 32-bit high-performance CPU with cost-optimized small packages. This pre-programmed solution can input analog and I2S/PDM digital microphone data, actuate digital and analog outputs, and send feedback to an external host via I2C, I3C, UART, and SPI. A QSPI memory interface enables easy memory expansion. Wake-up words and commands can be customized and support multiple languages.

System Benefits:

  • Integrated, pre-programmed turnkey solution adds HMI voice control capability without any user code programming
  • Wide range of command input capabilities, simple programming of the target system – language independent
  • Complete reference design available, supporting a large input voltage range (3.5V to 20V max)



  • Hands-free, endpoint HMI without internet connectivity
  • Simple voice control of appliances
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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