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In-Vehicle Security Solutions

Security for a better world

Safe in-vehicle networks made possible by proven security technologies

With the rise of wireless automotive systems such as ETC/DSRC1 and EV/PHV2 battery authentication, security threats to in-vehicle networks are increasing.
Renesas' secure microcontrollers (MCUs) use encryption circuits and tamper-proof design to protect important key data, programs, and private information, contributing to the realization of safe in-vehicle networks.

1 DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communication
2 EV/PHV: Electric Vehicle/ Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

Renesas Secure Microcontrollers


1 CC: Common Criteria
2 EMVCo: A specification, established jointly by Europay International, MasterCard International, and Visa International, related to smartcards used for financial transactions

Renesas' track record in reliable automotive applications

Renesas is a sponsoring member of the ITS Service Promotion Association ORG., which promotes ITS2 services that utilize DSRC1 .

1 DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communication
2 ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems
3 ASK: Amplitude Shift Keying
4 QPSK: Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
5 ICC: Integrated Circuit Card
6 Data collected by Renesas. Shipment total for FY2011 is an estimate made in late June of 2011.

Security solutions for in-vehicle networks

Renesas uses secure microcontrollers to provide a variety of solutions for protecting your information from a variety of threats.

*ICU: Intelligent Cryptographic Unit

EV/PHV battery authentication system security measures

*1 BMU: Battery Management Unit
*2 FG: Fuel Gauge