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The PG-FP5 installed in a system is a tool for erasing, programming, and verifying programs on Renesas MCUs with on-chip flash memory.



The PG-FP5 is to be discontinued, with final orders being accepted until May 2018. If adopting new products, please consider the successor, the PG-FP6.

Higher productivity and security than its predecessor [PG-FP6] >>


The addition of the supported MCUs for the PG-FP5 is scheduled to be discontinued in July, 2018.(Tool News) >>

The notification of the latest parameter files (Tool News) >>

Note: The V850 and 78K with dual power supply flash memory, which assume mass production with mask ROM, are not supported by the PG-FP6, the successor of the PG-FP5. Use the PG-FP5 or programmers produced by partners for programming of the V850 and 78K with dual power supply flash memory.

Function and performance comparisons between PG-FP6 and PG-FP5 >>

Release Information

Programming GUI

Latest Ver.: V2.15

Released: Oct 5, 2016


Latest Ver.: V2.16

Released: Nov 20, 2017


Latest Ver.: V4

Released: Jul 15, 2011

Parameter Files

Latest file released: Apr 20, 2018


  • Standalone programming
  • PC-controlled programming using dedicated GUI
  • Ability to store settings for up to eight programming environments
  • Designed specifically for use on production lines (command control or remote control)
  • Programming a unique code to a designated area of flash memory
  • Security setting can be changed with the the Manager function
  • Supports self-testing function


Control panel suitable for the stand-alone operation



Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Major Functions

  • Downloading and uploading program files and parameter files
  • Editing program files (by using HEX editor)
  • Checksum calculation
  • Saving the action logs
  • Manager function (Prohibition of uploading program files and changing the password and settings, etc.)
  • Feasibility of blank checking, erasing, programming, verifying, reading, settings and obtainment of Flash options information, checksum and programming after erasing
  • Execution of self-testing function
  • Writing in the minimum unit of the flash memory is available for the following devices
    - RX family
    - RH850 family (excluding the RH850/P1x-C group)
    - V850 family (V850E2/Fx4-L, V850/FF4-G, V850E2/FG4-G, V850E2/Px4-L, or V850PG4-S only)



  • PG-FP5
  • USB cable
  • Serial cable
  • Target cables of two sorts (14-pin and 16-pin types)
  • GND cable
  • Setup manual


Except for Europe, the power supply adapter, QB-COMMON-PW-xx, is not bundled in the product package of PG-FP5. Please purchase it separately.


System Configuration



Target Devices

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