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Renesas University Program

Are you a student looking for outstanding learning opportunities, project ideas, design contests and fun? Or are you a lecturer looking for comprehensive course materials and lab exercises to fascinate young people for Engineering Sciences?


Our educational concept is based on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, a comprehensive qualified and supported platform that integrates a feature rich software suite, a scalable family ARM® Cortex®-M series MCUs and a complete integrated solution development environment. Signing up for the Renesas University Program, lecturers will receive a set of Renesas Synergy Starter Kits – the same as used in the industry – lecturing slides, lab exercises and course books for students – all free of charge!


Following the slogan "Partnership, Projects, Pleasure" the university program offers ideas for theses and projects, contests like the Renesas MCU Car Rally industry relationships, online community and forums, internship and career perspectives at Renesas.


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