Utilizing Renesas’ third generation of market leading powerline communication modem solutions, this winning combination illustrates how PLC can be used effectively to transmit/receive voice communication over low voltage power distribution lines. The microphone and speaker are controlled by an RX65x MCU which in turn communicates to the CPX3 modem SoC and the ISL15110 PLC line driver. The ISL8117 is used to convert an unregulated rectified input voltage to produce a 12V bus required for the line driver. The ISL85415 converts 12V to 3.3V to power the RX65x MCU and the CPX3 modem SoC. An ISL9008 LDO is utilized to create a very low noise power rail for the codec. The ISL28430 is a quad op-amp which is used for microphone amplification and output level indication. 

Key Features:

  • Can be used for any PLC protocol standard, such as PRIME 1.3.6/1.4 and G3
  • Low power design delivers high efficiency in a small space
  • 2-chip solution for PLC (CPX3 PLC modem combined with the ISL15110 line driver)
  • RX651/65N family of MCUs operate up to 120MHz with low power and up to 2MB of on-chip flash and 640KB of RAM

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