Renesas offers microcontrollers such as the RL78 Family which is ideal for remote control function and the RX13T Group, RL78/G1G Group and the RL78/G1M Group for system control. We offer the best solutions for electric fan systems such as Voice command operation solution for advanced HMI.

Electric Fan

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Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features
Control MCU MCU

RL78 Family
RX13T Group
RL78/G1G Group
RL78/G1M Group

16-bit MCU, Small package
32-bit MCU including on-chip FPU, single motor control applications, reduce board area and BOM costs
16-bit general-purpose MCU, three-phase complementary PWM timer, suitable for small motor control
8-bit general-purpose MCU, small motor control
HMI MCU MCU RX231 Group Voice Recognition + Capacitive Touch
Enhanced DSP/FPU, Connectivity (USB), HMI (Capacitive Touch ), Security, Low power consumption, 5V