The digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) is a lighting control protocol for intelligent lighting systems. The DALI system is widely used in commercial lighting control and building lighting control. The DALI 2.0 standard improves the ability to control brightness, glare, color rendering, and presence detection, and adds multi-vendor interoperability to the DALI standard, IEC 62386. It also introduces standardization of control devices, such as application controllers and input devices.

Renesas provides both DALI and DALI 2.0 control/communication software. In this reference design, Renesas features the RL78/G12, RL78/G13, RL78/I1A, and Synergy S128 Series microcontrollers (MCUs). In addition to highly integrated MCUs, the design also features an LED driver, power components, light sensors, and proximity sensors for DALI 2.0, as well as transceivers/receivers for the host computer interface.

System Benefits

  • The RL78/I1A is a one-chip solution for DALI, PWM dimming controls and voice control
  • The ISL97901 is a red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) light driver with a maximum output of 1.5A
  • Includes the ISL29035/ISL29125 light sensor and the ISL29501 presence detection sensor
  • Highly integrated power components and RS-232 interface support
System Block Diagram

Voice Controlled Ambient Lighting with DALI

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