QE for TCP/IP: A Dedicated Tool for TCP/IP Development [Technical Preview Edition]


This is a debugging assistance tool for developing systems which use the TCP/IP. It supports the e² studio integrated development environment.

It is intended to reduce development effort of embedded systems incorporating the M3S-T4-Tiny software library for these communications protocols on RX family products which are suitable for TCP/IP.

Release Information


Latest Ver.: V1.0.1

Released: Jul 20, 2017

Operating Environment


QE for TCP/IP is one of several solution toolkits which operate under the e² studio integrated development environment, and is a dedicated solution tool for TCP/IP.

This product is for use in developing embedded systems which use the M3S-T4-Tiny communications protocol software library for the RX family, and has the following features for helping the user to solve problems in communications that originate in TCP/IP.


The state of TCP communications can immediately be checked: [TCP Communication Path Info. (QE)] view

Since the state of a TCP connection between your system and another party in communications can be checked for each end-point, analyzing or breaking down problems in the form of communications not starting even when a connection has been made becomes easy.

The states of API errors occurring within the TCP/IP middleware can be checked: [TCP Communication Path Info. (QE)] view

When a problem in communications originates in TCP/IP, this product helps you to resolve it by quickly getting the answers to questions "Did the problem arise in the TCP/IP middleware?" and "When the problem arises, what kind of error is involved?"

Using QE for TCP/IP under the e² studio eases the debugging of TCP/IP systems, shortening development periods and lowering costs.

Supported Library

Device Middleware Version
RX Family Ultracompact TCP/IP protocol stack [high-speed version] : M3S-T4-Tiny V2.02, V2.03, V2.05

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