Renesas has started offering a Bluetooth v4.2 certified protocol stack that runs with the RL78/G1D.

Bluetooth® low energy Protocol Stack is equipped with the standard profile API and custom profile mountable API. Moreover, it supports embedded and modem configurations.

The module corresponds to integrated development environment CS+ (CA78K0R Compiler/CC-RL Compiler), integrated development environment e2 studio (CC-RL Compiler), and integrated development environment IAR Embedded Workbench (IAR Compiler).


  • Flash libraries are needed separately. Please download Data Flash Library and Code Flash Library to suit your development environment. (Please refer to Manuals for copy to development environment.
  • The compiler of free evaluation version can’t be built by the difference with the product version (function restriction and probation period).

Data Flash Library >>
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Bluetooth® low energy Profile

Various profiles will be available. Furthermore, it is also possible to correspond to customer-specific profiles.

Uses/Category File name
Profile for HID (Human Interface Device) HOGP- HID over GATT profile (HOGP ASCII Text Keyboard Application Note)
Information transmission to close proximity FMP - Find me Profile / PXP - Proximity Profile
Profile related to alert and time PASP - Phone alert status Profile / TIP - Time profile / ANP - Alert Notification Profile
Profile for healthcare HTP - Health Thermometer Profile / GLP - Glucose Profile / BLP - Blood Pressure Profile / PLXP - Pulse Oximeter Profile
Profile for sports and fitness HRP - Heart Rate Profile / CSCP - Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile / CPP - Cycling Power Profile / RSCP - Running Speed and Cadence Profile / LNP - Location and Navigation Profile
Other profiles ScPP - Scan Parameters Profile / Sample source and API for Custom profile

Virtual UART Application

Responding to demands for wireless serial communication and wireless communication between embedded modules, we have developed a virtual UART application that realizes with Bluetooth® low energy technology. It has a simple AT command execution function to control and set Bluetooth® low energy communication, thereby realizing virtual UART communication where characters are transmitted/received via Bluetooth® low energy communication.

System Configuration/Modem Configuration

For application development using a host microcontroller

For modem configuration, Bluetooth® low energy communication is realized by serial connection of a host microcontroller and RL78/G1D. It is possible to flexibly respond to demands such as adding Bluetooth® low energy to existing application. We also have host samples for Renesas microcontrollers. This enables shortening of the development period.

System Configuration/Embedded Configuration

For application development in a single device

In embedded configuration, application is feasible by fully leveraging functions of the RL78/G1D microcontroller. In this way, it is possible to create original applications.

Host MCU Simple API

Simple API can control RL78/G1D or RL78/G1D module (RY7011) from host microcomputer with just 9 APIs, and can realize Virtual UART communication and beacon communication using Bluetooth® low energy wireless communication easily. The remote side environment can be easily built with smartphone and Renesas smartphone application "GATTBrowser" so you can start evaluating right away.

Document guide for each use case of development

Understanding to the behavior of Bluetooth® low energy protocol stack.



Development by modem configuration. (Control from host MCU)



Development by embedded configuration (Application is included in RL78/G1D)



Serial communication (wired) to wireless communication



Develop application to HID (Human Interface Device)



Manufacture of Beacon product



Application of Multi-Hop operation

Title Part No.
RL78/G1D Beacon Stack
Multi-Hop Feature (without Security)
RL78/G1D Beacon Stack
Multi-Hop Feature (with Security)

When with security version, please contact nearest Renesas sales or distributor.


Develop application to connect with smartphone

Target Devices

Family Group
RL78 Family

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