A temperature transmitter is a device that can communicate temperature measurements and measurement data.The sensor signal from the thermocouple and the temperature measuring resistor (RTD) is processed by a microcontroller (MCU), temperature control is performed by external equipment, and the measured data can be sent to higher-level devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Some are also equipped with a small display to present the measurement results.

Renesas offers a wide range of products, from MCUs with built-in analog front-ends required for temperature measurement, general-purpose MCUs for main control with communication and display functions, to drivers for communication with high-end equipment and peripheral parts.

The RX23E-A 32-bit microcontroller has a built-in high-precision 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D with low noise, low offset drift and low gain drift characteristics for thermocouple and temperature measuring resistor measurement and contributes to high accuracy and miniaturization of equipment through a combination of digital functions such as DSP/FPU and the temperature measuring unit in a one-chip solution.