We take care of your Linux distribution on RZ/G!

Support, maintenance, customizations, optimizations, and Board Support Packages (BSP) development for a Linux distribution requires expertise and a substantial commitment of time and efforts throughout the product life cycle. Since we have the experience, doing this for many years, and provide similar services to a wide range of customers, we do it more efficiently, reducing your total cost and enabling your Linux developers to focus on feature development.

Acquisition cost, source code availability and immense functionality make Linux the most deployed OS in embedded systems. However, keeping up with the increasingly complex processor architecture and massive feature growth represents a significant risk in getting an embedded solution to market. The support from a trusted partner with deep expertise in embedded Linux systems is the key to reduce time-to-market and mitigate business risks, regardless of whether you are using a commercial or "do-it-yourself" Linux distribution.

Typical Linux Service Packages offered by ENEA:

Linux Customizations

Our team of experts can help you customize Linux distributions with the set of packages (and specific versions) that your application requires, and tune it for performance improvements (e.g. throughput/latency/real-time requirements) or footprint restrictions.

Linux Board Deployment

ENEA Linux experts can build specific Board Support Packages (BSP) for your custom hardware platforms. A BSP from ENEA will leverage all hardware features. Getting Linux up and running as fast as possible is essential for success.

Linux Support and Maintenance

Apart from updates and regular releases, ENEA experts provide qualified technical support including bug fixes, security patches, functionality backport, legacy kernel support, open source licensing management, etc. Furthermore, ENEA acts as customers' spokesperson towards the open source community (upstream patches, hold discussions, etc.).

ENEA supports globally. For more information, visit www.enea.com/linux