An introduction to the VersaClock 3S development kit, and a step-by-step guide on how to program the device using a PC.

The development kit consists of two boards: the main board is used for evaluating the device (taking measurements, etc.), and also features a USB port for connecting it to the PC. The daughter card that sits on top has a socket, and is used for programming additional devices.

Programming the device is fairly straight forward. You connect the board to the PC via USB. You then open up IDT's Timing Commander software and load the appropriate personality file (the one the corresponds to the device you are programming). Once you connect to the board, you can simply type in the desired output frequency and it will change on the fly. More advanced settings can also be made using the GUI.

Presented by Eddy Van-Keulen, applications engineer at IDT. For more information about IDT's VersaClock products, visit www.IDT.com/go/versaclock.