RX66T Reference Design / Evaluation System YROTATE-IT-RX66T



RX66T Motor Control Reference Platform | Part-name: YROTATE-IT-RX66T

Renesas motor control reference design based on the Renesas RX 32-bit MCU RX66T and designed to drive up to three 3-phase Permanent Magnet Motors. The kit is able to manage up to 48 V DC motors, and up to 5A peak current. The kit is delivered with a USB cable and an intuitive PC GUI to manage the motor speed, display the vector control parameters and provide access to an exhaustive list of parameters: motor intrinsic parameters, PI coefficients, ...

  • E2Studio Environment Compiler CC-RX free of charge for the RX66T MCU.
  • To speed up the design phase of new equipment and reduce the design cost.
  • The reference kit is the suitable solution that is easily customizable.
  • Fast & elegant solution to get your 1st prototype ready in a few hours.
  • Easy customization, auto-tuning, self-calibration, to reach highest efficiency, easy tweaking, adjust the amount of energy to be used.
  • Motor Control: Start, Stop, Speed and Direction.
  • Property Monitor where motor parameters can be analyzed: Speed, Currents, Voltages, Torque.
  • Operation and Parameters can be saved to Excel file.
  • Inverter design – easy with Renesas.
  • Low CPU bandwidth used, little memory footprint.
  • Board able to drive up to three 3-phase motors, either low of high voltage motors.
  • E2 Lite debugger enabling full debugging.
  • Floating Point Unit enables easy implementation of any theoretical models developed on PC simulation tools.
  • Software available in C language.
  • FOC Control enabling and offering a high precision control.
  • Enables usage of Hall / Encoder / Resolver Sensors for Position and Drive Control. 
  • Enables and Supports the eAI based Predictive Maintenance.
  • Enables extension to Wireless Communication (BLE / WiFi).
Block Diagram

YROTATE-IT-RX66T Block Diagram

Hard- and Software Capabilities

Hard- and Software Capabilities

Additional Support
External Power Stages
  • 400VAC / 5A - Schematics, Gerber
  • 300VAC / 20A - Schematics, Gerber
  • 60VDC  / 120A - Schematics, Gerber



Ready for Evaluation and Testing 

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Part number: YROTATE-IT-RX66T