This assembler package includes the SRA74 assembler. The powerful optimizations offer the ultimate in execution speed and code efficiency, and the utilities increase productivity.


  • Structured instructions
  • Versatile macro instructions
  • Automatically selects memory-efficient addressing modes
  • Tag files generation
  • Library function
  • Free software including an absolute address list generation tool, multiple file cross referencer and others
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Release Information

Latest Ver.: V.4.10 Release 02

Released: Oct 1, 2005

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment

Standard life cycle of Compilers (PDF | English, 日本語)

Note: Future functional extension or problem fixes are not planned.

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Additional Details

Functions (SRA74 Assembler)

Structured instructions
Supports C language-like assignment statements and control statements (e.g. if, for). These structured instructions clarify program's control structure and improve productivity and maintainability.
  • Bit symbol: By using structured instructions, a memory bit and accumulator bit can be referenced and modified.
    Example of modifying accumulator bit in a assignment statement:
     BIT_A0 = 0
    Example of referencing a accumulator bit in a IF statement:
     if BIT_A0
    The memory bit is defined as a bit symbol. The accumulator bit has reserved words.
  • Accessing directly to the internal register: By using structured instructions, the internal register and flag can be referenced and modified.
    Example of modifying the internal register in a assignment statement:
     C = 1
    Example of referencing the internal register in a IF statement:
     if C == 0
    The internal register and flag have reserved words.
Versatile macro instructions
Frequent instructions are defined as macro instructions to clarify programs. SRA74 supports system macro instructions and user-definable macro instructions.
Tag files generation
SRA74 generates tag files storing assembling error information. With the tag files, source files can be efficiently modified.
Library function
LIB74 librarian generates a library of versatile subroutines, which improves the diversion rate of programs.
Absolute address lists
LST74 generates an absolute address list file from relative address list files to aid in understanding overall program organization.
Cross reference lists
SRA74 generates 2 kinds of cross-referencers which generate lists of definitions and references of labels and symbols. One cross-referencer is CRF74 which generates cross reference lists in each source file, and the other is XREF74 which generates a cross reference list in more than two source files. These lists help check dependencies of labels and symbols during debugging.
Branch instruction optimizing
The LOOP74 converts from a branch instruction which causes the assembler error because of the branch address outside the legal range to the instruction that can branch without problems. With LOOP74, you can create a program including best branch instructions from one using shortest branch instructions.

Product Components

  • Relocatable assembler: sra74
  • Linker: link74
  • Librarian: lib74
  • Cross referencer: crf74
  • File converter for M37280: cv74
  • Branch optimization tool: loop74
  • Machine language file converter: hextos2
  • Multiplication & division sub-routine: sra74.a74
  • Absolute address list generation tool: lst74 (Note1)
  • Cross referencer for multiple files: xref74 (Note1)
  • PDF manual
  • Help file
  • Simulator debugger: Provides source level debugging capability in targetless system-level.
  • IDE (Integrated development environment): High-performance Embedded Workshop and TM: Provides seamless integration and easy access to all tools for coding, compiling, linking, and debugging. It greatly increases productivity.


  1. These are free software, therefore the provisions of the license are not applied.

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