The SmartBond™ devices are supported by a comprehensive set of software tools, such as:

  • SmartSnippets™ Studio
  • SmartSnippets™ Toolbox 
  • SmartBond™ Flash Programmer
  • Production Line Tool Kit

SmartSnippets™ Studio is a royalty-free software development platform for SmartBond™ devices. It fully supports the DA14531, DA14531-01, DA14580/581/583, DA1585/586, DA1468x, DA1469x, and DA1470x families of devices.

Note: Some of the tools (such as KEIL, GCC, etc.) might need to get installed separately since they are not included by default.

SmartSnippets™ Studio is a framework of tools that comes with the popular open-source IDE Eclipse CDT and contains as well:

  • SmartSnippets™ Toolbox which covers all software development requirements, including:
    • Programming and loading of firmware into SRAM, OTP, and Flash
    • Power profiling
  • SmartSnippets™ documentation

The SmartSnippets™ IDE is enabled by an on-board J-Link debugger from SEGGER. This offers standard debug capabilities such as single stepping, setting breakpoints, software download, and many more. For more details on the debugger capabilities, visit https://www.segger.com.

All components, tools, and plugins are taken from the internet without changes and modifications. A subset of useful tools/plugins is selected by Renesas, and these are bundled with Eclipse CDT. Users can interact with all different tools from within the Studio environment. The availability of tools and features is directly dependent on the selected Device Family.

The SmartBond™ Flash Programmer is a Programming GUI that supports flash memory programming. 

The Production Line Tool Kit (PLT)  is used mainly during production to reduce cost and has many benefits:

  • PLT is optimized to do the production testing and programming memory
  • High level of parallelization will reduce the testing and memory programming time
  • On Board XTAL trimming is supported

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