Embedded Target for RH850 Virtual Platform is a development environment that generates peripheral code for target devices from Simulink® models and enables cooperative verification as Virtual Hardware In the Loop Simulation (vHILS) in a virtual environment with Simulink.

  • Peripheral code is generated from Simulink models, along with the algorithm code, making it easy to check the operation and evaluate the performance of the application including peripheral functions for device selection and prototyping, even if you are not familiar with device specifications.
  • The use of a virtual environment enables early verification, even before the WS of the device is completed, and verification can be performed without the need for actual devices.


  • Peripheral code is generated by adding blocks corresponding to the peripheral functions of the device to the model. The peripheral functions support Port, ADC, UART, CAN, and PWM (added sequentially).
  • It automatically builds a vHILS verification environment using a virtual environment and enables verification of the cooperation between Simulink® and the virtual environment.
  • A comparison of vHILS and the Model In the Loop Simulation (MILS) execution results enables back-to-back testing as recommended by ISO 26262.

Release Information

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V1.00.00
Released: Dec 16, 2022
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Annual license, i.e. a license with a one-year expiry period. Contact your nearest Renesas distributor with regard to purchasing products.

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