Software Add-Ons extend the functionality of the SSP to enable a wide range of specialized functions, including communication protocols, extended security functions, and cloud services. Some add-on components are licensed and serviced by Renesas, while others are developed by third parties and verified by Renesas to be SSP-compatible.

Target Devices

SSP Supplemental Add-Ons
S3A7 IEC 61508 Self-Test Library Library of self-test software functions and guidelines to assist compliance with the IEC 60730 and IEC 61508 safety standards for electrical systems.
S3A7 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S5D9 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S7G2 IEC 61508 Self-Test Library
S7G2 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S124 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
Synergy Signed USB CDC Driver Provides Synergy signed driver for the USB Communications Device Class for Windows® PC.
Custom Board Support Package Creator Command-line tool within e2 studio for creating custom board support packages (BSPs) that ensure proper boot up and application initialization.