The Renesas IC Toolbox (RICBox) software platform enables customers to configure Renesas devices on evaluation kits when attached to the computer running the software. It also enables customers to construct profiles for devices with non-volatile memory on them. The latter function is of particular importance for clock devices which often need to power on in their desired configuration when a system starts up.


  • Supports OTP and EEPROM burning
  • Installation and updates accessible on the cloud
  • Graphical Status Monitoring
  • Pre-loaded reference designs 
  • Algorithms for optimizing loop filters

Target Devices


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EXE 102.98 MB Software & Tools - Software
EXE 96.60 MB Software & Tools - Software
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Synergy Download


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PDF 1.53 MB Manual - Software
PDF 1.73 MB Manual - Software
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VersaClock®7 Evaluation Board Demonstration

Learn more about how to configure the VersaClock®7 evaluation board using the supporting RICBox software. VersaClock®7 devices achieve any frequency-in, any frequency-out for high speed SerDes used in switches routers, accelerator cards, and server applications.